It is normal to experience anxiety at times. It is a natural symptom of stress sending a message to your mind and body. Anxiety is also a general term for a spectrum of disorders, manifested uniquely in each person. If you feel your anxiety is causing significant distress or is interfering with your daily life (work, relationships, social environment), you may benefit from counseling.
Your mind, body, and spirit, in addition to life experiences, have an impact on your well-being. So our work will begin by taking a holistic approach and exploring the whole person. We will look at various techniques to control your anxiety, such as mindfulness, breathing techniques, relaxation skills, work-life balance, physical activity, and developing healthy boundaries. We will also work to uncover the source of your anxiety, create insight, cultivate acceptance, and find meaning.
Atlanta Therapist and Counselor Melissa Ann Lester
Melissa began her career in the world of art, transitioned to the corporate world, and finally found her home within the profession of counseling. She inferred from her previous careers, a shared theme: building relationships and helping others. Through counseling, she is able to witness others heal, grow, develop greater self-understanding, find meaning, and realize a more authentic self.
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