AutoImmune Diseases


While this is a new specialty for me, it has become an area of great significance in my work and life. A dear friend suffering from an autoimmune disease brought to my attention that this is an area where many people are not experienced and/or knowledgeable, and where with my skills as an empathetic counselor could make an impact. I then started to realize how many of my family, friends, and existing clients are being impacted by an autoimmune disease.
There are still many unanswered questions regarding autoimmune diseases. What we do know is that autoimmune diseases are chronic and result from your immune system attacking your body’s own organs, tissues, and cells. They are also diseases that disproportionately affect women.
The impact an autoimmune disease can have on one’s life ranges from the physical to the emotional. Examples of this may include chronic fatigue, chronic pain, difficulty concentrating, medication side effects, financial burdens, anxiety, depression, and the struggles that come with adjusting to role and life changes.
My friend said, “I look fine but I don’t feel fine… That’s the hard part… Judgment…”
I would like to help you process and make sense of your experiences and feelings. While this is an area where I do not yet consider myself an expert, I am wanting and willing to walk alongside you during this journey.



You can read about my friend, Tiffany Staples, and her journey through autoimmune hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, adrenal insufficiency, and hormone depletion in her blog It All Started with a Flutter


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