Group Counseling


Group counseling provides a space where you can learn to share openly with others while expressing your thoughts and feelings. It is a means to find support, learn from others, practice new ways of being, and gain self-understanding.



Coming Soon…

I am excited to announce I am in the process of forming a new group that will incorporate mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and other somatic modalities.  The focus of this group will be a blend of process, support, and mind-body-spirit growth.
This group will be starting in February of 2018, is intended for adults age 22+, and will be $65 per session. Please email me with questions or to reserve your spot. And stay tuned for additional details!



Holding Me While Becoming We

In our work with individuals and couples, we have found many women struggle with preserving their individual identity within the bounds of marriage – whether it is a marriage of 6 months, 6 years, or 16 years. The intention of this group is to promote self-exploration and self-discovery while taking on the role of wife.
Sessions will take place every other Tuesday from 6:00-7:30pm, are $65/group session, and will be co-facilitated by Megan W. Breadhead, MS, MDiv, LPC and myself, Melissa Ann Lester, MS, LPC, NCC. This is an open and affirming group, so please pass our information along to any woman you feel might be interested!
Download the flyer here.


Atlanta Therapist and Counselor Melissa Ann Lester
Melissa began her career in the world of art, transitioned to the corporate world, and finally found her home within the profession of counseling. She inferred from her previous careers, a shared theme: building relationships and helping others. Through counseling, she is able to witness others heal, grow, develop greater self-understanding, find meaning, and realize a more authentic self.
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