Group Counseling


Group counseling provides a space where you can learn to share openly with others while expressing your thoughts and feelings. It is a means to find support, learn from others, practice new ways of being, and gain self-understanding.



Mindfulness + Process


I am currently interviewing potential members and in the process of forming this group. At this time there is not a start date.
This ongoing group will meet for 90-minutes every other week.  The format will be a blend of process, support, and techniques, with our focus being on cultivating mind-body-spirit growth while incorporating meditation, breathwork, yoga, and other mindful modalities.


Who: Adults (men and women) age 22+ who are interested in deepening their mind-body-spirit practices. Ideal members are currently in therapy OR have previously been in therapy OR can be referred by another type of wellness practitioner. A phone consultation is required prior to admission to this group.
What: This is an open and ongoing group with a focus on meditation, breathwork, yoga, body-based somatic modalities, and other mindfulness practices. All sessions will comprise of experiential exercises and time for members to process their experiences. We will explore how, when, and why to use various modalities – addressing needs such as stress management, alleviation of anxious and depressive symptoms, trauma-processing, and individual mind-body-spirit growth.
Fee:  Each 90-minute group is an investment of $65 with a 3-month commitment for all members. There is opportunity for insurance reimbursement for those with out-of-network benefits, and I am happy to issue superbills to all this would apply.
Schedule:  The start date is yet to be determined. Once the group is formed and a start date and time is determined, the group will meet very other week.
Where:   The Brookhaven Center for Counseling & Wellness   –  3996 Clairmont Road Atlanta, GA 30341


Interested individuals may contact me directly at 404-948-6981 OR email me at with any questions AND to schedule a phone consultation.
Atlanta Therapist and Counselor Melissa Ann Lester
Melissa began her career in the world of art, transitioned to the corporate world, and finally found her home within the profession of counseling. She inferred from her previous careers, a shared theme: building relationships and helping others. Through counseling, she is able to witness others heal, grow, develop greater self-understanding, find meaning, and realize a more authentic self.
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