Premarital Counseling


Why premarital counseling? You do not have to be experiencing difficulties in your relationship to benefit from premarital counseling whether dating, considering marriage, or already engaged. The goal is for you to gain foresight, navigate the important questions about merging your lives, and ensuring you have a solid foundation from the start!
Some Topics We Will Discuss in Your Sessions
My goal is to provide you and your significant other with an open, genuine, and collaborative setting. I believe this will encourage exploration, understanding, and growth in your relationship. I aim to help you prepare for marriage in the best way possible.
And if you were wondering, yes I am married. This past fall, my husband and I celebrated our 11-year wedding anniversary!
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ENGAGE Premarital Counseling
Atlanta Therapist and Counselor Melissa Ann Lester
Melissa began her career in the world of art, transitioned to the corporate world, and finally found her home within the profession of counseling. She inferred from her previous careers, a shared theme: building relationships and helping others. Through counseling, she is able to witness others heal, grow, develop greater self-understanding, find meaning, and realize a more authentic self.
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